The 5 most reliable online translators

We have to be very careful when looking for translations online because there is a huge number of websites that allows us to carry out the search, but only a few of them provide us with a reliable translation.


In the current post we offer you a selection of the moste reliable translators. Remember that you should pay attention to both the word you want to translate and the context. Here it goes:

1.Wordreference. This is the most popular online dictionary for more than 16 languages. It also allows you to access such useful sections as “the word of the day” or different forums for the most spoken languages.

2.Google Translate. Some users prefer this site due to its simplicity and speed and because it can be easily inserted in several browsers. Moreover, the translation is automatic so it translates as you write.

3.Bing Translator. This is a Microsoft product for the translation of terms also offers automatic translation service as it happens with Google for more than 45 languages. The great thing about this site is that it takes into account the information provided by users to correct errors in future queries.

4.Babylon. This is another online translator for about 75 languages. It has a web version and a software format and a payment option for “human” translations.

5.Systran. Having originated in 1970, it is one of the oldest translation systems. In this site, you will obtain the translation with the highest reliability thanks to a system of translation memories.

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